About us

The values that are reflected in the swimming lessons are the quality of the classes offered, the respect of the abilities of each one and the feeling of reciprocity between the young kids, the parents and the staff.

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Our history

Born from a common passion, swimming.

The AquaPro Swimming School is a project which has grown over the years by merging two similar areas of expertise, psychological and physical well-being.

We work tirelessly to improve our teaching techniques to give you a specialized service that stands out from other water centers given by city or other swimming schools.

Our mission

AquaPro is a private swimming school that follows the recognized program of the Canadian Red Cross. Our mission is to return to the primary goal of this often-forgotten organization, which is to prevent drowning. It’s important for us to mix the game and technique to achieve this goal.

The two founders of Aquapro are two instructors with more than a decade of experience teaching swimming. It’s with their passion and determination that they decided to found their own school in 2017.

Rachel Auclair

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology and a certificate in business administration, Rachel has always been a vigorous worker and someone who is willing to work hard to get what she wants.  Passionate about human relations with people of all ages, she gives 100% to grow her business while maintaining her values.

She loves to create a strong connection with her employees and customers to give a sense of belonging to everyone who will be part of Aquapro. For her, the success of her school of swimming is to see a child frightened by water in the first class and gradually see him gain self-confidence and develop skills as simple as jumping into the water alone. It’s to see her students grow and stagger the levels to finally become themselves a monitor for Aquapro! For her, her success is every student’s success as small or big as they can seem, because each of them is an advancement to fight against drowning.

Camille Salois Briand

Since the age of 5, Camille bathes in the aquatic field. She first took all of her swimming lessons, followed by her instructor and rescue classes. At the age of 15, she began teaching the Red Cross swimming program and eventually became a supervisor.

She has accumulated more than 10 years of professional experience in this field! Bachelor’s in nursing, she has never managed to put her passion for swimming and management aside. That’s why she joined Rachel two years ago to found Aquapro – School of Swimming.



Our team is made up of the best instructors you or your child could find for learning to swim.

In addition to being Red Cross trained, Rachel and Camille, founders of Aquapro, have also contributed to their training in order to offer you a service like you won’t find elsewhere.

Laurence Trudelle
Stay warm
Our pools are heated between 88˚ and 90˚.
Small groups and few young people in the water at the same time.
2 committed owners with more than 12 years of experience.
The Canadian Red Cross
Trained employees Red Cross AND Aquapro.
Very close monitoring of young people and their parents on progress.